Time for celebration!

The Ranua Folk High School has Functioned Since 1987.  The 30th anniversary was held on Sunday the 24th of September.  The celebration begin with a worship service at the Ranua church and continued at the folk high school at 1.00 pm. Look at more pictures.

Thank you Lord of Heaven…

Environmental awareness days

There were workshops of different topic areas during the environmental awareness days. Timely environmental news were presented, methods of conserving energy and water use were considered, instructions for recycling were made, new products were made from old product materials and art was created outside from extra materials and materials from nature.  At the end we watched one group’s play “A day in the Ecology family”.  Look at the pictures of the projects and results.  

News about short courses

On the short course weekend of 1-3.9 it was possible to participate at the 100 year Finnish history course, the second part of the 3 part series was held. (the third part, “building a welfare society” will be held 17-19.11.) Children’s clothing and other handicrafts were made at the sewing course.  The youth who play frisbee golf participated in the frisbee golf course.  During the evening program presentations from the writers’ and and singers’ courses.  At the end the teacher, Esko Jurvelin, and piano player Jukka Jurvelin performed.

Nature Skills

During the first week of the the opisto year we went on our traditional overnight camping trip to wilderness around Simojärvi lake.  After walking five kilometers in the rain we set up army tents for the night’s sleep at Korvajokisuu on shore of Simojärvi.  There was a program for both days with different challenges at each spot for each group. We practice bushskills and cooperative work and got to know each other at the same time.

The School Year

The new Opisto school year begin by keeping an opening celebration on Sunday 27.8. Parents were also invited to the occasion.  During the the first week we will go on a camping trip, after which the students will go home on their first free weekend.


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